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Notices and Support

New Services On The Way

Thanks for visiting our site. You may be wondering, "Where did the site go?!". We are currently adjusting our business to provide a fresh set of training and e-learning technology services, and we have discontinued sales of the types of courses we previously offered (more on that below). So, our site will be temporarily down during this transition period, and it will be updated as our new services become available. Stay Tuned!

Support for Existing Clients of Our Prior Course Offerings

As of September 2023, we are no longer accepting new orders for any of our prior course offerings, and we do not intend to offer such course types/topics in the future. However we are happy to continue to support our existing clients who may have purchased or attended our training courses in the past.

Previously purchased e-learning course video content will continue to be available to users for the duration of the video access period previously granted. Those who may wish to purchase an extension, or an additional extension for your e-learning course may continue to do so, but the video viewing and support period will not extend beyond January 2024 in any case. To request an extension, please email us the duration you wish (1mo at $50, 2mo at $90, or 3mo at $120) and we will then email you a payment link.

For all prior e-learning course users and live course attendees, we will continue to support questions or issues related to course content, including access to content, through January 2024. We will also continue to support valid requests for exam retake vouchers, as governing policies allow, through January of 2024.

While the pages of our site are currently out of service for the most part, the following pages continue to function normally to support existing clients, and will continue to be available through January 2024:
1) Login and video pages for those with active e-learning courses continue to be available per the instructions you were provided.
2) Course e-material zip download pages continue to be available per the instructions you were provided.
3) For those attending recent live courses that were provided access to a complete "course info" page, which included links for e-materials zip download and for lecture video page access, you can continue to access this page per the instructions you were provided.
4) The account you created if you purchased a course from us continues to be available for purposes of retrieving copies of prior invoices using this url for login: https://elearninglaunchpad.com/my-account/. Alternatively you can simply request any prior invoice via email and we will send it to you.

Contact Us

To contact us for support on any of the items mentioned above, or for any other questions you might have, please email us at support@elearninglaunchpad.com
Any new orders, invoices, or payment requests for new e-learning extensions will be handled via email.

Thanks for your patience and your support of our business!