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Elevating your Enterprise Architecture capability requires an effective approach to your EA challenges -- TOGAF® provides the leading framework for that approach, and our wide range of TOGAF courses can get you up to speed and ready for certification fast.
We make things easy for you with convenient, effective, and uniquely affordable TOGAF training solutions, backed by a simple, transparent, and client-friendly ordering process.

TOGAF® Course Options To Fit Your Needs and Budget


4-Day Instructor-Led Course for "TOGAF 9 Certified" Prep - Accredited

Our flagship 4-day course, TOGAF 9 Prep Training (Levels 1 and 2), is fully accredited by The Open Group®, and is offered in a number of live, instructor-led formats. This course provides comprehensive coverage of the Level 1 and 2 topics of the TOGAF 9.2 standard, and prepares attendees for "TOGAF 9 Certified" certification. Exam voucher and Second-Chance Retake Guarantee included.

PRIVATE (group of 2-15, or 1-on-1) live online, or onsite at your U.S. facility (travel included)
PUBLIC (for individuals) - only $1520 USD (or $1220 if 2+ colleagues join) - live online
CONFIRMED PUBLIC CLASSES: April 27-30, June 15-18 - Online, 8A-5P Central


Recorded Version of Our 4-Day Instructor-Led Course for Cert Prep

In April 2020, we expect to release a recorded course package for less than $500 that includes high quality video recordings of our popular "live" 4 day cert prep course (as described above) including all course materials (in electronic format). The recordings and materials provide comprehensive coverage of the Level 1 and 2 topics of the TOGAF 9.2 standard, and prepare attendees for "TOGAF 9 Certified" certification. For all practical purposes, if you cannot attend or support a live course, this package is the closest thing to actually attending our live 4-day course, but with the convenience of anytime/anywhere viewing. The course materials and topics descriptions from our 4-day course page describes the content that will be provided in this package.
NOTE: While the recordings are from actual live delivery of our accredited 4-day TOGAF course, and the course materials provided are essentially identical, this package itself is NOT an accredited course and therefore does NOT include exam vouchers (although this package could be accredited, we have chosen not to seek accreditation for this package to make it as affordable as possible).

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If you have questions or are interested in this new upcoming offering (expected to be available in April 2020), please contact us for further information. We'd be happy to notify you when this package is available for ordering in April, and we can provide you with a discount for contacting us about your early interest!


1-Day Instructor-Led "Overview" Course - Your TOGAF® Jumpstart

An efficient and cost-effective way to quickly gain a high level understanding of the key Level 1 and 2 concepts in TOGAF 9.2. The course is based on a streamlined subset of materials from our 4-day course, but also serves as an excellent start for those who may want to pursue certification or deeper dives at a later date through additional self-study (for those interests, our 4-day course materials and study guides are included as a bonus!).

PRIVATE (group of 2-15, or 1-on-1) - live online, or onsite at your U.S. facility (travel included)
PUBLIC (for individuals) - only $390 USD, or $290 if 2+ colleagues join - live online only
CONFIRMED PUBLIC CLASSES: May 14, July 2 - Online, 8A-5P Central


Self-Paced TOGAF® E-Learning Courses (Prerecorded)

We offer several TOGAF e-learning courses that provide the convenience of anytime-anywhere browser-based access over a period of 6-12 months, and are a cost-effective alternative or supplement to our live training courses. Both of the cert prep courses listed below are accredited by The Open Group® (courses provided by our award-winning partner, Good E-Learning) and provide cert prep training for TOGAF 9 Foundation or TOGAF 9 Certified (including exam vouchers). Our unique discounts provide great value for single user and volume buyers.

TOGAF 9.2 Foundation Prep Course - Level 1 certification prep - exam voucher included
TOGAF 9.2 Certified Prep Course - Level 1+2 certification prep - exam voucher included
TOGAF Awareness Course - 6 Hour Overview of TOGAF, EA basics & benefits - ONLY $139
TOGAF Implementation Course - Practitioner-level guidance on establishing an EA practice

You might also be interested in the recorded version of our 4-day "live" training course that we expect to release in April 2020 -- a very affordable training solution that provides anytime/anywhere access to all the content and insightful lectures received by attendees of our popular 4-day cert prep training. All for under $500!


4-Day COST-SAVER Course for "TOGAF 9 Certified" Prep

"EA Framework Cert Prep 200" is a non-accredited 4-day instructor-led course offered as a lower cost alternative to our flagship 4-day accredited course described above. The only practical differences are that this course does NOT provide exam vouchers (therefore accreditation of the course is not possible, by rule), and no retake guarantee is offered. All other aspects of the course delivery are essentially identical to our accredited course (ie, course content, duration, materials, and instructor are all the same), therefore the course provides the same comprehensive coverage of the Level 1 and 2 topics of the TOGAF 9.2 standard, and prepares attendees for "TOGAF 9 Certified" certification. We offer this course for $420 less per person (compared to the accredited version), providing substantial cost-savings for groups not seeking attendee certification, or otherwise wanting to exclude cert exam cost from the course cost (if so desired, individuals can later purchase their exams at any time via Pearson VUE -- the cost of a combined exam to achieve "TOGAF 9 Certified" is $550).

Private (group of 2-15, or 1-on-1) - live online, or onsite at your U.S. facility (travel included)


Country Availability of Our Courses

Orders from the U.S. are accepted for all course types. Orders from many other countries are also accepted, but some restrictions exist depending on the country, course type, and buyer type. View the details link.


Overview of Our Accredited 4-Day Instructor-Led TOGAF Course

TOGAF 9 Accredited Training Course Logo

Our Course: "TOGAF® 9 Prep Training (Levels 1 and 2)" from eLearning Launchpad is an Accredited TOGAF 9 Training Course and complies with the accreditation requirements for The Open Group TOGAF Certification for People program. This course covers TOGAF 9.2 (the latest version) and prepares attendees for the exams that lead to "TOGAF 9 Certified" - the highest level of TOGAF certification.

This accredited 4-day course is available in several convenient, low cost formats:

  • PUBLIC ONLINE COURSE - $1520 USD per person (or $1220 per person for groups of 2+)
    CONFIRMED PUBLIC CLASSES: April 27-30, June 15-18 - Online, 8A-5P Central

    for groups of 2-15 or 1-on-1, with flexible date choices (even weekends)
    • Private ONLINE course, from $1047 USD per person
      Total Cost for Online Group = Base Price of $1900 plus $920 per person
      (pricing is all-inclusive and includes exam vouchers and all materials)
    • Private ONSITE course at your facility (anywhere in U.S.), from $1180 per person
      Total Cost for Onsite Group = Base Price of $3900 plus $920 per person
      (pricing is all-inclusive and includes instructor travel, vouchers, and all materials)
      Midwest / Chicago Region Discount: Get a $500 discount if your U.S. location for a private onsite 4-day course is within a 370 mile radius of our Chicago-area home base (see map). Please contact us for this discount before ordering.
    • Choose your private course dates from our available-dates calendar, and spread your course days as you wish over any available 10 day span (examples: 4 consecutive weekdays (typical), or 2 days in one week and 2 days in the following week, or 2 consecutive weekends, or 2 week days and 2 weekend days, etc.)
    • You are in control of the private course booking process with a number of highly flexible options for scheduling, setting/adjusting attendee count, and payment. As soon as you're ready, use our client-friendly self-serve ordering system to confidently and easily book your private course (POs also supported). Our site provides an extremely thorough and transparent description of all aspects of our course, including pricing, dates available for booking, detailed instructor profile, etc. - such openly described information for private training is rare.
    • See the many benefits of a private course and how a private in-house engagement can make all the difference to the success of your team's TOGAF training. Note that our 1-Day Overview Course is also available as an online or onsite private course in the U.S., and shares many of the same private course benefits described here.

Great Features - common to the private and public options above:

  • We include a voucher for the "TOGAF 9 Combined Part 1 and 2" exam, covering the necessary exams for "TOGAF 9 Certified" (a $550 value per person).
  • We include a Second-Chance Retake Guarantee -- if an attendee fails a TOGAF 9 certification exam on the first attempt, we will provide a free exam retake voucher (certain restrictions apply).
  • Each course features our top-rated instructor, proven course design, low standard pricing, and simple online ordering (we also support traditional PO-based orders). Course includes exam vouchers and guarantee mentioned above, comprehensive lecture materials/courseware, study guides, supplements and reference materials, and practice exams (onsite course attendees receive hardcopy lecture and reference books, in addition to electronic copies).

CIO magazine reviewed and recommended our training in a September 2018 article by Sarah White, titled “Top 10 TOGAF 9 Certification Training Courses“.

See our Recent Clients List for our 4-day TOGAF cert prep training (shown in sidebar).



Top-Rated TOGAF Trainer for Our Instructor-Led Courses

Doug Rinker - president and primary instructor at eLearning Launchpad
TOGAF Certified logo indicates Doug Rinker is TOGAF 9 Certified BCS ISEB Enterprise and Solution Architcture Practioner Certificate logo indicates that Doug Rinker holds this certificate

Doug Rinker, eLearning Launchpad's president and instructor, has a proven TOGAF training track record, extensive industry experience in transformation leadership, and the utmost commitment to your satisfaction. He's received consistently strong positive feedback from the many hundreds of attendees he's trained in TOGAF since 2010. These high ratings attest to Doug's knowledge, experience, instructional effectiveness, and ability to "translate" TOGAF into practical terms for individuals with widely varying technical and non-technical backgrounds. Many testimonials from individuals who received TOGAF training from Doug can be viewed via the testimonials link below.

Doug's 30 years of experience in engineering, functional and executive management, strategic transformation leadership spanning many complex aerospace product development organizations, and his many roles in developing and delivering EA / TOGAF training, allow him to provide insights and broad perspectives that complement and align with TOGAF. Doug holds a masters in business administration, a masters in information and communications technology, and a bachelors degree in electronics engineering. He is TOGAF 9 Certified, holds a BCS (ISEB) E&SA Practioner certificate, and holds other EA-related certifications and credentials issued by The Open Group®.

Doug's Email:

Contact or connect with Doug via LinkedIn: Doug's LinkedIn Profile